FreeFEM is an implementation of the Gfem language dedicated to the finite element method. It provides you a way to solve Partial Differential Equations (PDE) simply. Although you can solve quite complicated problems can be solved also.

FreeFEM is written in a mix of C/C++ idioms. This is not a example of good programming but it might help understanding some scientific computing programming techniques. A book written by O. Pironneau anb B. Lucquin has been published for this purpose. It is available in French and will be in english very soon.

You may ask questions, send comments or bug reports to this is an alias to people working on FreeFEM.

The FreeFEM team is:

  • Dominique Bernardi (developper of the inital version of the language)
  • Frederic Hecht (developper of the mesh generation tools)
  • Manual J. Castro (developper of the mesh adaptation tool)
  • Pascal Parole (developper of the Windows part)
  • O. Pironneau (Leader of the project, Mac programming, Bug tracking, New developments)
  • C. Prud'homme (X programming, Bug tracking, New developments, Web maintainer and lots of other minor things)
  • A very small example of what you can do:

    /* describe the mesh with analytic functions*/
      x:=cos(t); y:=sin(t);
    buildmesh(200); /* let's create the mesh now */
    solve(u) begin /* describe the problem */
     onbdy(1) u =0; /* dirichlet condition */
     pde(u) -laplace(u) = x*y ; 
    plot(u); /* plot the solution */

    There is some on going work:

  • 3D implementation: new solver, new mesh tools
  • Completely rewritten language
  • There will be some changes in the general policy for FreeFEM(GNU Public License, GPL) and XGfem(Shareware or GPL; I don't know yet)
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