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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

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Un poste de lecturer IA est annoncé sur le site de SCAI


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Chiffres janvier 2022


GTMN - M. Bercovier

Isogeometric analysis, a short introduction


TJ Hugues in Austin and IMATI group let by A. Realli and G. Sangali in Pavia have recently strongly pushed a novel approach of numerical analysis methods based on non-uniform B-spline formulations (NURBS). We will give a short introduction pointing out the differences with the classic Finite Element Method. We review some pros and cons., the use of T-Splines as a meshless type of construct for mesh refinement and the construction of new "FEM" type appoximations for vector fields. This last aspect gives rise to powerfull higher order approximations for field problems such as Stokes, Maxwell and elasticity equations, by discretisation of the Rham and Hodge complexes.

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