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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions




Paris Cité
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Key figures

Key figures

189 people work at LJLL

86 permanent staff

80 researchers and permanent lecturers

6 engineers, technicians and administrative staff

103 non-permanent staff

74 Phd students

15 post-doc and ATER

14 emeritus scholars and external collaborators


January 2022


The LJLL Parity Committee is in charge of ensuring professional equality between women and men within the Laboratory Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL).

It consists of doctoral students, researchers, and professors who are all affiliated to LJLL (together with CNRS or INRIA for researchers) are based at Sorbonne University (formerly Pierre-et-Marie Curie) or Université de Paris (formerly Paris-Diderot). The Committee meet approximately every three months in order to share information between the members, make various plans of action, and discuss any ongoing case.

The Committee is currently composed of
Matthieu Bonnivard
Maria Cabrera Calvo
Flaviana Iurlano
Antoine Leblond
Katharina Schratz
Jacques Smulevici

Main objectives

- fight against discrimination
- inform on current inequalities, at the Laboratory scale as well as the individual environment,
- raise awareness concerning the issues of discomfort and harassment
- identify ways to provide better relationships
- ensure that the commitments made for greater equality are actually implemented

Report of 20/02/19 meeting

The last meeting took place in 2019.

Some statistics

Statistics on the distribution of positions and responsibilities between women and men provide better understanding on the issues of parity.

LJLL stats :

Data at the national level are available on the website of Femmes & Mathématiques.

Listening center

The Listening Center of the Laboratory consists of six volunteers who can be contacted directly.

Jean-Yves Chemin, Professeur — Office 15-25-305,
Lucas Ertzbischoff, Doctorant — Office 15-16-301,
Barbara Gris, Chargée de Recherches — Office 15-16-304,
Antoine Leblond, Doctorant — bureau 15-25-324,
Ayman Moussa, Maître de Conférences — Office 16-26-304,
Diane Peurichard, Chargée de Recherches — Office 16-26-324,

Contact details and photos :

They can be contacted for any question about the life within the Laboratory. Any person going through an uneasy situation or concerned with the possibility of harassment situation should not hesitate in contacting them immediately. The aims of the Listening Center are the following :
- Welcome and listen to anybody who is in a situation of professional discomfort or has (direct or indirect) knowledge of an event of sexual harassment. All discussions with the Listening Center will remain confidential.
- offer a protection to any person in need and propose to put in place a scheme for solving the problem and provided any necessary personal support,
- report the facts to the disciplinary authorities, when necessary, and with the explicit agreement of the person.

Prevention Assistance and Outsourced Unit (SU)

Salima Lounici (Office 15-16-307) is LJLL’s Prevention Assistant : in the event of a concern, a member of the Laboratory can contact her and, depending on the case, record a report in the Health and Safety register which is accessible to anybody in the Laboratory, or send a private report directly to the Risk Prevention Department. More details are available at the Sorbonne University intranet.
Any person working at Sorbonne University can also directly contact médiateur de l’université.
There also exists a partnership between Sorbonne University and Institut de Santé Génésique Women Safe which provides medical/legal support for women victims or witnesses of violence (whether economic, physical, sexual, psychological, ritual, etc.). More informations are available at l’intranet de Sorbonne Université.

Liens utiles

- Committee Parity Equality INRIA et de l’IMJ-PRG.

- forum parity from the CNRS. A mailing list open to all members of the math community.

- The lecture by Isabelle Régner at CIRM "Interfering effect of gender stereotypes on girls’ performance".

- 7 videos of 4 minutes each being associated with a training sequence on gender equality issues.

- CLASCHES, a group fighting against sexual harassment in higher education.

- SUMPPS, the University Service of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (SU).

- SRIAS, the Interministerial Regional Section for Social Action, which notably offers services for the care of young children.

English version : March 2022